International Motorcycle Festival will take place in Vama Veche / Romania on April 29/30. - 1 MAY 2022 southern area, towards the border with Bulgaria.

Here we will delimit and arrange a mega festival infrastructure, with a concert stage, camping places and food areas, barbecues, toilets, motorcycle parking, tents selling parts.

For 3 days there will be organized motorcycle events, concerted bands and well-known artists, motorcycle expo, stunt show, commercials on LED screens, girls show.

Participants will have unlimited access, and a reserved camping place throughout the event. In short, a new opportunity to live our style and dreams, breathing the customs style of the beach.

Vama Veche means freedom, happiness, recovery, dancing on the beach, coffee on the sand, sun, sea, outdoor music, noise, madness, sunrise with a beer in hand, friends, love, ecstasy.

It doesn't matter too much where you have accommodation, you can stay in a tent, at a boarding house or even in newer hotels - you will feel just as good, you can do nudism if you want. You can wear what goes through your head, that no one will judge you if you do not know what brands on you, that people smile and come here open-minded and longing for madness, that it is a constant back and forth and you have no way to get bored, that you can leave the room right at 3/4 in the morning and you will find the same fun, that the mornings are quiet and the sea is easily heard, that you can come with the quadruped, that you can enter from bar to bar with home drink, taken from there or classic in Customs, from food, that it's a motley world and that… Customs is not just a place to go on vacation. Vama Veche was and remains one of the most nonconformist holiday destinations, the place where you can spend a vacation in the middle of nature, in a special atmosphere of freedom.

The beach in Vama Veche is wide, with over 200 meters in some areas. Intimate and wild, the beach is populated at night by young people who gather around the campfires. Accommodation is provided by several hotels, few in number, but especially by villas and guesthouses. Accommodation rates are low compared to other resorts on the Romanian coast. In Vama Veche there are some of the most original terraces and restaurants, with wooden tables and chairs, with reed umbrellas, where fried anchovies, small ones, pizza, etc. are served.

Vama Veche is located at a distance of 7 km from 2 Mai and 12 km from Mangalia. Vama Veche can be reached from Mangalia, which is the terminus of the railway, with the help of minibuses that can be taken from the station or with your own car on the national road E 87.

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